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Two Steps To Enroll:

Step one

Fill out the short form to the right for each student you will be enrolling. Once submitted, you will have access to the enrollment application in our course management system, Populi. If you have any questions about the application, please call (817) 889-0610 or email

In about a week, you should expect an email concerning your preliminary schedule, $30 family application fee (if applicable), and $50 per student non refundable deposit. The non refundable per student deposit is applied toward the total tuition amount and holds your student’s seat in the courses selected. You will also receive your student Populi account login credentials for accessing your child’s preliminary course selections (based on your initial application and if needed, any follow up email or phone calls).

Step Two

Confirm Payment Option

Direct Full Payment Option (full-time or part-time)

Fisher More Academy accepts payment in full by check or credit card for full-time or part-time enrollment. If you are not using a payment plan option, full tuition is due September 1st. Credit card payments can be telephoned to the office at (817) 923-8459, ext. 0. Checks can be mailed to:

Fisher More Academy
801 West Shaw Street
Fort Worth, TX 76110

Credit Card Payment Plan Option through Populi (Full-time enrollment only):

Fisher More Academy accepts payments through Populi, giving students and families a way to manage education costs over time. Payments are made through use of credit card or debit card.

Fisher More Academy has arranged the following Populi payment options:

1. One time payment due Sept. 1st (no payment plan fee)
2. Semi-annual payments (one-time $10 payment plan fee)
3. Monthly payments for 9 months (one-time $43 payment plan fee)

Payments through Populi are not automated, however invoices and balances are viewed and payments entered from the student’s “Financial” tab within Populi.

FACTS Automated Payment Plan Option (Full-time enrollment only):

Fisher More Academy offers payment plan options for full-time enrolled students through FACTS, the largest provider of tuition payment plans in the industry. Payments are made through use of credit card or bank withdrawal.

Fisher More Academy has arranged the following FACTS payment options:

1. One time payment due Sept. 1st (no payment plan fee)
2. Semi-annual payments (one-time $10 payment plan fee)
3. Monthly payments for 9 months (one-time $43 payment plan fee)

You may register for the Fisher More Academy FACTS plan at:

Fisher More Academy FACTS Enrollment Plan.

We will enter the amount of your tuition based on the invoice(s) that you have accessed and reviewed (see Step 1). In order to facilitate ease of processing your students’ applications, we recommend you enroll in FACTS immediately after applying, but we will not enter the invoice amount with FACTS until we have confirmed that amount with you and have received your non refundable deposit (see Step 1).

If you were registered with FACTS last year and would like to continue, please log into your existing account and start a new agreement for this year. We will add the proper invoice amount prior to review and finalization.

PER STUDENT APPLICATION – Enter the student’s information here

Enrollment Criteria
The success of the Fisher More Academy curriculum is directly proportionate to the amount of support a student receives from parents, guardians and extended family members. Those individuals are expected to help organize and closely monitor the student’s work with the tools provided by the Academy. Students are not permitted to enroll in FMA with the intent of staying home alone during school hours; supervision as required by your state truancy law is mandatory. Cohort scheduling is offered so families may choose which time zone best fits their needs. On occasion, a student may need to enroll in two cohorts in the same time zone due to academic needs, i.e. the student may need Algebra 1 as an 8th grader rather than pre-algebra. FMA scheduling allows for personal adjustments and we are glad to work with students to ensure their individual academic needs are met.
Terms of Service
Parents and students will be required to review and agree to the Fisher More Academy Terms of Service agreement as a condition of enrollment. The agreement outlines expected standards between FMA and an enrolling family. These standards include acceptable student behavior, parent and teacher responsibilities, administrative responsibilities, tuition payment and refund policies, third party applications and internet safety requirements.